6 reasons buy Panasonic G6 for 1080p Youtube / Vlogs in 2017

In this video I give you 6 reasons why you should buy a Panasonic G6 for Vlogging or as camera for making Youtube videos. As its right now very affordable ,especially looking for a camera that does 1080 50/60p, buying it 2nd hand used, you can find it for less than 200 buck. Its also nice and compact being a M4/3 camera and great compact wide angle lens, while with DSLR would end up with a quite large lens and a much heavier setup. The Panasonic G6 also got a nice flip out screen to view when filming yourself, which if you look at other cams with the same price range you only end up with a larger DSLR from Canon or Nikon. Also the Panasonic G6 got a 3.5mm mic jack and a good pre-amp combined with a Rode Videomicro you can get proper audio out of this camera which is quite important for Youtube or Vlogging. Image quality of the Panasonic G6 is actually really good for such an affordable camera as it got quite the sharp 1080p which scaled up 200% it still looks nice and sharp then compared to a Canon DSLR 1080p footage. Overall the Panasonic G6 is packed full with a lot of features which a lot of the camera’s around the same price would need to hack or pay extra to unlock the features. And if you are afraid that the G6 would not focus well, from my experience you just need to set it to AF-s and 1 Area focus and it will do the job well.

Ulanzi table tripod:

Panasonic 14mm f2.5:

Panasonic DMW-GFC1:

Rode Videomicro:

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