Travel Hong Kong, scouting Garden Hill Sham Shui Po

In this video I am scouting a new location that I have not been to yet, which is the Garden Hill 嘉頓山 at Sham Shui Po 深水埗, I’ve been advised to check it out and scout the location for references, for when I am going to make timelapses in Hong Kong 香港 and capture B-Rolls of Hong Kong. Sham Shui Po self is quite well known and covered by many as a great location to shop for cheap electronics and camera accessories, but unkown for many its also a great place to capture the city scape of Hong Kong.


Garden Hill is a great location as its quiet and there are no tourist around who are in the way while you are filming or taking pictures. Also it is a great spot to launch your drone from and enable to get a nice city scape of Hong Kong. The only downside is the hike up with the stairs which I do advice to walk it up slowly as its quite the hike up, but also bring enough drinks as once you are up there, there are no shops or vending machines up there even though there is a square up there with coverings. Also there are quite the seatings and mostly there will be some elderly hikers who be sitting there for hours.
However this a great location to capture a cityscape of Kowloon as this is quite a fast hike up as you reach the top in 5-10minutes hike up and get a pleasant view of Sham Shui Po from above. A great place to do timelapses during the day or night, giving you quite the view. Also from above you can see the Yen Chow street from end to end from Garden Hill all the way to Nam Cheong station, which is a great shot be able to capture traffic moving in your timelapse.

Gear used in this video:
Zhiyun Smooth 4 –
Samsung Galaxy S9+ –
Panasonic GH5 (v2.3) –
Panasonic 7-14mm f4 –
GoPro Hero 5 –
DJI Spark –
Rode videomicro –
Manfrotto MB NX –
Samsung Micro SD 256gb –

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro –

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