Weeview SID mini 3D camera

First look of a mini 3D camera by Weeview in Hong Kong at the electronics trade fair. Its an interesting new camera concept, being quite the first of its kind, a 3D mini action camera to capture your life directly in 3D and you don’t need to stitch or convert the files as they be directly recorded to a 3D video format, while other setups are often multiple files that you need to convert to one. However 3D trends in filmmaking and never really gotten off the ground and even though you can see 3D movies in the Cinema not a lot of people watch them as you need extra device just to watch them properly.

The size of this camera is equal to many compact action cameras, which is quite a great form factor making it easy to travel with. It records to Micro SD max capacity of 128gb in 3K resolution of 2880×1440 in 30fps, takes photos in 32MP ( 8064×4032 ). They also sell this camera in a white version which is identical, just only in white, however I do not know if the gimbal would also be white or black.

You can connect the Weeview SID to your phone to directly view what you are filming as there are no screens on the camera itself and only view what you are filming on your phone. On display they also have 3D setup to attach to your phone to preview the footage in 3D.

Purchase Weeview SID on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2sq6GN1

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