With drones regulations and rules becoming more and more stricter and especially when flying indoors, over crowds and at No Fly Zones. I found a great solutions to bypass all that by using a 7 meter boompole from Fotopro the iSky Ultra, this is a special order item as it is not even shown on their website, to purchase it you need to contact your local Fotopro dealer ( https://fotopro.com/pages/support ) to specifically order it for you as it not being mass produced.

But using the 7 meter boompole I do not need to follow the same rules as a drone, nor are there any laws about how long a monopod can be. However there might be security guards at some location requesting to not use it fully extended as they be afraid of it injuring people.

But this is quite a specific setup for a specific job, but it will get you the aerial shot at locations where it be too dangerous or not legal to use a drone nor have enough space for a large crane.

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro – http://goo.gl/k2EagF

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That’s a huge Selfie Stick // Fotopro iSky Ultra

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