This video tutorial we are showing you the way to render 8K for Youtube with Adobe Premiere Pro. As I searched online for the Youtube bitrate setting for 8k videos, which seem there are no documents on which is needed. So I tried different bitrates and found one that processes quite fast, so its also fast to publish your videos.

Unlock the Preset link by watching the entire video here below on this site!

After the video is finished wait till the page reload and download button / link will appear.
If clicking does not start a download, use right mouse click and choose save link as.

The bitrate I have found to work quite fast is 120Mbps, however it is not an instant and depending on how long your video is, it can still take a while, but noticable it is relatively the fastest to process the 8k to 1080 and have a 1080p version ready to publish, while other settings often stayed longer on SD resolution 360p.

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Render 8K in Premiere Pro for Youtube 2020

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