This video we are checking 10 cinema camera you can buy less / under $1000 USD. As there been many cinema camera from many years ago and this year 2020 there been many new releases with bigger resolutions, so the older cameras are becoming more affordable especially finding then used on the 2nd hand market.

Canon XC10

#10 Canon XC10 eventhoug this is labeled as a Canon EOS Cinema camera, it also more of a camcorder or a hyper zoom camera. It got a small 1 inch sensor and combined with the fixed camera lens, the footage recorded have a noticeable camcorder look to it. However the camera does have many camera feature hat make is a cinema camera with Log color, 4K 8bit 422 internal recording and build in ND.

Sony FS100

#9 Sony FS100 looks like a proper Cinema Camera, however there isn’t much going on in this camera compared to many mirrorless cameras. You do get a bigger battery and XLR inputs, but overall its a huge cumbersome camera with a monitor that not really well placed.

Panasonic Af100

#8 Panasonic Af100 is a M4/3 Cinema camera, with the most special part of having 10bit 422 over SDI out, however internally and via HDMI only output in 1080p 8bit. However if you don’t make use of the SDI, there not much benefit of using this camera as this old sensor in this camera is not great in low light conditions and don’t have a LOG profile getting more dynamic range.

Sony F3

#7 Sony F3 is a very decent 1080P cinema camera, under Sony CineAlta line of cameras. And the biggest feature of it have 10bit 444 output over SDI. And having S-Log enable to capture 12.5 stops of Dynamic range. However for a budget filmmaker the PL-Mount might make things more pricey as most PL-Mount lenses even 2nd hand cost a fortune.

Canon C100

#6 Canon C100 is a very good all round Cinema Camera with low noise in high ISO and great ergonomics. With it 4K sensor downsampled to 1080p giving very sharp crisp footages. And version with PDAF update will give you fast reliable auto focus. And extra on top 8bit 422 over the HDMI out.

Blackmagic Micro

#5 Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera eventhough it is one of the few Blackmagic camera with 1080 50/60p RAW under a $1000 USD 2nd hand. But biggest issue with this camera is that it really require a lot of additional accessories to make it more usable. Especially the button placements make it very hard use. And it having a super16mm sensor making difficult to get a ultra wide field of view.

Blackmagic Pocket

#4 Blackmagic Pocket is a really great super 16mm camera when it came out and does not really have to be used with additional gear. But its a great camera that can film amazing 1080p footage in RAW and Prores internally. But still rigging it up for a shoot it still recommended as the monitor is not particularly great in sunny conditions. However the tiny HDMI port on this camera often is the weakpoint and could easily break.

BMCC 2.5k

#3 Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k is the very first Blackmagic Cinema Camera and still a great camera with it 2.5k sharp image captured in RAW or Prores. However the biggest issue is the 2.3x cropfactor with the EF on this camera, however later was addressed with a MFT mount version and enable to use a speedbooster to get closer to a Super 35mm sensor. With able to record straight to affordable SSD makes this still a great camera to use.


#2 Z CAM E2C is the only camera on the list that is already under 1000usd brand new as this is quite a recent released camera. This with ability to record 4k 10bit internally to SD card, but have RAW via HDMI and enable to use an Atomos Ninja V to record Prores RAW. The only downsides of this camera is that you must buy an external monitor as the 1inch screen only good for navigating the menu.


#1 Blackmagic Production Camera 4k is ranked so high due to its a 4k camera giving you still a lot of use while 1080p could be a thing of the past. But also its the only Global Shutter camera you can buy in this price range. Eventhough its similar to the BMCC, but the BMPC 4k got a 1.7x cropfactor being closer to Super 35mm, the ability to record 4k RAW and Prores, making this camera the closest you can get to a very proper Cinema Camera. But still the odd body design does make it difficult to setup with a gimbal or steadicam. However overall choice of a cinema camera its, the best choice for a filmmaker.

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Top 10 Cinema Camera can buy for less than $1000 USD

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