A leaked photo of an DJI test email was released and shown a promotional image of DJI Phantom V release. At the current time it is still unsure if this is a Hoax or real news or even on purpose leak from DJI to test the waters, if people are still interested into a DJI Phantom V.

DJI Phantom V audience test image
DJI Phantom V 2020 audience test 4.02 image

The leaked twitter image can see that its some kind of test image and also seem to be really from DJI Promo email enews@e.dji.com and even text under the image is quite the same seen on other DJI Promo emails.

Leaked DJI Phantom V image
Leaked DJI Phantom V image

If this Phantom V would be updated version of last year cancelled Phantom 5, it should have a 1 inch sensor with an interchangeable lens mount. With lenses of 16mm, 24mm, 35mm and 50mm. However I do believe these are equivalent focal lengths and not the actual Focal Lengths of the lenses as a 1inch sensor have a 2.7x crop and would made all these very tele.

DJI Phantom 5 2019

However my search for DJI Patents does not show any DJI Patents that resembles the Promo image or DJI Phantom 5. However what I did found was that on 8 September 2020 DJI was granted a Patent for a Phone Drone, where the Drone uses a Phone Gimbal for the Camera instead of having a camera.

DJI Phone Drone Patent

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DJI Phantom V release in December 2020

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