DJI was granted a patent for a Phone Drone, but is it even something people would really want to buy? Could the Phantom V / 5 be DJI Phantom M? What would you think the Phantom Mobile would need for you to be interested in it?

DJI Phantom Mobile

The patent has clear indication of its having the OSMO Mobile 2 gimbal as the original patent to China was already made in 2016 and not updated it for the US patent.

DJI Phone Drone Patent
DJI Phone Drone Patent

As DJI already launched the OSMO Mobile 4 this year with a magnetic phone mount so you quickly remove your phone from the OM4, but this magnet design can be incorporated on the Phantom Mobile. Enable to switch from the OM4 to the Phantom Mobile in just matter of seconds.


The biggest benefit of using a mobile phone as the camera, is that we now have phone 3-4 or even more cameras on them that can film high quality 4k video and great photos also. For example if we look at the iphone 11, it got a 11mm wide angle on it giving you superb wide shots without needing to fly so far, yet also quickly switch to the other camera to get a more tele shot.

However there is also possibility of your iphone 11 to record with multiple cameras at the same time, giving you different field of views to choose from in the edit. And with the footage recorded straight to your phone, you can easily edit all the pictures and videos, to upload to any social media accounts directly from your phone.

The biggest con of this drone is that you would fly more carefully as crashing the drone with your phone be rather painful to break both of them. Also because it require a large drone like a phantom to hold the phone gimbal, its not really a great gimbal for travel use. But I also doubt they could make a Mavic Drone to hold a phone gimbal.

DJI Phantom Mobile
DJI Phantom Mobile

So what do you think of this Phantom Mobile concept, would you be even interested in such a drone? And which features would it even need to have to make it truly interesting?

This patent might just be made so DJI could claim anybody attempting to make a mobile phone drone with a gimbal. So take this with a grain of salt as DJI might never make such a drone.

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DJI Phantom Mobile? Phone Drone?

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