Hey Filmmakers Chung Dha here, a very interesting new Anamorphic lens set coming out from Schneider-Kreuznach partnering with Dulens.

Basically Schneider-Kreuznach is making an anamorphic single focus adapter, while Dulens supplies the taking lenses.

The set is called ISCO4ALL, it includes Iscorama 54 CU-1.5x adapter with 3 cine lenses: the 43mm t2.4, 58mm t2.4 and 85mm t2.4. Those who know Dulens, might have spotted these are the normal Dulens Cinelenses with a new blue paint job.

Iscorama 54 has a nice 1.5 times squeeze which gives a very nice noticeable anamorphic bokeh. Schneider Kreuznach picks up making their long well known Iscorama 54, in a new modern way and improving the minimum focus distance from 2 meters to 1.4 meters. But if you need to focus even closer, you can add a diopter using the 95mm front thread.

ISCO rides again – #ISCO4all (2021) from Schneider-Kreuznach on Vimeo.

You can combine the Iscorama 54 adapter with Dulens lenses. Though all 3 of these lenses can cover a full frame sensor on their own, there is no info about if it will still cover a full frame when using the iscorama 54 with the 43mm Dulens, as the old Iscorama 54 adapter could cover a full frame with the widest lens of 50mm. Unless the iscorama 54 has been improved to be able to work with the 43mm on full frame or if it suffers from heavy vignetting.

There is no price available yet for ISCO4ALL set and from January 22, it will be available at specially selected rentals.

Looking at the image we see a very nice rainbow lens flare, but their test footage does not include any footage of the streak flares, the image is nice and sharp but there is a noticeable Chromatic aberration in the daylight shots, but also barrel distortions which is common with anamorphic lenses.

It has a nice vintage and filmic look, however it is really dependable on your own taste if you like the chromatic aberration in the footage or not.

For more info click this link to the Schneider Kreuznach ISCO4all page.

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New Anamorphic set from Schneider-Kreuznach x Dulens #ISCO4all

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