Have you heard of the brand called Accsoon, they have a wireless video transmitter called the CineEye 2s pro. The S in the 2s stands for the sdi Port it got next to the hdmi. 

Accsoon CineEye 2s Pro

What is special about Cineeye 2s pro, is that you can connect up to 4 receiver units with this video transmitter and costs only a fraction of the price of other brands.

You might wonder why on earth you would need 4 receivers at all. Well because you can, but if you are working in a professional setting, you need multiple large monitor setups, one for the director, one for the first AC to remote pull focus with, one for the data wrangler to keep an eye on when to switch Memory cards or harddrives, but I have seen some record an additional backup through the wireless system. Optionally you can set up a monitor for the producers or clients to view, so they don’t breath down the neck of the director.

CineEye 2s Pro multi receiver setup

You might think why not just use cheaper systems that work 4 mobile devices, however phone and even iPad screens aren’t all that bright about 500 nits, but when it is really sunny outside you atleast need 2200 nits monitors to see anything.

Plus using a bigger and brighter monitor makes a huge difference when pulling focus remotely, but also checking small details in the frame that might need adjusting, like props, makeup or more are easier to spot on a bigger monitor.

CineEye 2s Pro group dial

To make it easier to connect the transmitter with multiple receivers, there is no difficult pairing process hidden inside the menu, just simply rotate the dial to the same number and confirm it and that is it. 

On the side of the Cineeye 2s Pro you can find the sdi and hdmi ports. And you can cross connect between the ports, for example if your camera only got a SDI out, but you were only able to get a HDMI monitor for the receiver it would still work, but also vice versa.

The video signal it can transfer is 1080p up to 60 frames per seconds and in all the professional frame rates that are under it.

on the bottom of the units there is a ¼ 20 mounting point, in the box you do get hot shoe adapters for it. But if you don’t want a crazy tall setup like this, I would suggest checking out Feelworld F5 Pro or F7 Pro, which work with the CineEye 2s Pro, making a nicer compact setup.

CineEye 2s Pro connected to iPad mini

Next to using receivers , it of course also with mobile devices like their previous CineEye models. For getting a bigger image using an ipad would be the recommended. Their app includes a lot of professional features you can find in professional field monitors like having waveform, markers, focus assist, desqueeze anamorphic footage and even LUT can be loaded in it and there is also a livestream feature , because you are using Wifi to connect to the transmitter, you are using your phone’s data plan to stream with.

Powering the units, you can use the NPF plate on the back and the DC port, they are hot swappable so you can keep on working. It also has a very low power consumption and using a large NPF970 can expect it to work continuously for 14hours.

CineEye 2s Pro

The reach of the CineEye 2s pro is 350 meters, which ensures a good stable connection when using it at a more normal distance. As honestly it is fairly rare anybody needs to monitor at such a large distance for most production. But also it has a clever system combining 2.4G and 5G transmissions to ensure it can find a clean signal especially when using the units in a city with tons of wifi routers.

CineEye 2s Pro 0.04 seconds latency with BMPCC4k and Feelworld F5 Pro

The specs say it has a latency of 60 millisecond, which is much faster that I could blink an eye. To put it in perspective. 24frame per second, just one frame from it, lasts 41.6 milliseconds, so it is a bit faster than one and a half frames, which in reality is barely visible. Despite that the real delay you see on the final monitor is really dependable on the rest of your gear, the fact is your camera, cables and even the monitor can add a delay. If you are using a consumer camera there will be a more noticeable delay even without a wireless transmitter. But because I am not paid to do this review I am not gonna rent a cinema camera to show the difference on a proper setup with proper sdi cables.

In conclusion the CineEyes 2S Pro is definitely a great transmitter system, when you are ready to step up to a more professional setting that would require multiple receivers without the big price tag attached. 

Accsoon CineEye 2s Pro Review

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