Hey Filmmakers Chung Dha here, with a new camera rumor, it’s the possible Canon EOS C5. The shape of this camera looks a lot like a Red Komodo in many ways, but with the rear turned 90 degrees. Though this patent image isn’t new, many reports say they couldn’t find the source, saying that I found it by just googling it for 10 seconds. I even found that Canon has the patent for this in Japan, US and worldwide. I was hidden under the Imaging devices instead of just straight up calling it a Cinema Camera.

Canon EOS C5 patent

With the patent I am also able to see a lot of detailed information about this camera and the possible specs. 

The reason why this camera is likely the Canon EOS C5 is that there are some specs that make it likely be an even more Pro Cine version of the Canon R5C, just removing the R and having it even more focussed for filmmaking.

In the patent video resolutions sections we have a quite interesting list of specs. With likelihood of this camera being 8K like the R5C, but getting more additional choices of resolutions like 5K up to 100fps, 4k up to 125fps, 3K up to 160fps and 2k with 250fps.

The patent includes a Canon EF and an RF mount, but likely have an RF mount like the Red Komodo.

Sensor size wide they basically listed everythings even medium format, so I doubt it would be a medium format sensor as they would then need to release medium format RF cine lenses and those don’t exist yet. It’s likely gonna be full frame like the R5C, but a major difference is that this camera will have a neutral density filter in the camera.

Canon EOS C5
Canon EOS C5

Now to why they made this design, is that the two protruding front parts protect the mount when the camera is placed with the mount down and also can stay flat on a surface. I am totally not sure why this feature is important, but that is what was written in the patent.

Canon EOS C5
Canon EOS C5

Now to the left side of the camera, we see a very big vent and next to it is the door to the memory cards, though there is no open image of the door covering the memory cards slots.

There is luckily an image of inside the camera, we can find there will be two memory card slots and though they list every kind of memory card in the patent, likely be using CFexpress cards which are small and have the needed speeds for 8K and 5k with high fps.

Above the memory slot door we find the on/off switch. The side buttons, only the big buttons, have been written to be the record button, the other two are function buttons and in the patent they haven’t been assigned anything to it.

Canon EOS C5
Canon EOS C5 rear

On the back we can place two Canon BP batteries and notice there is a network port so this camera can also be used for broadcast and control the camera from a distance, it also talks about being able to have zoom control with it. Then next to the batteries are 3 plugs being SDI, Genlock and something else. As they are also not written clearly what they are.

Canon EOS C5
Canon EOS C5

On the right of the camera you can attach an antenna, which will give you wifi access to the camera with smartphone devices.

Canon EOS C5 top view
Canon EOS C5 top view

Now to the top of the camera. We have a big screen on top and next to it have buttons and a joystick. Then above that we have an electronic port and they noted there are 2 different devices that can attach to it, one is a grip and other is a monitor. However those are not included in this patent so unsure how it would look. 

Though it is an interesting Cinema Camera from Canon, but still it is hard to dismiss how much it looks like a RED komodo, as we already seen plenty of Boxy cameras being released and each have their own unique design that you can spot it being from a certain brand, this design totally looks like a copycat and also has nothing similar to Canon Cinema camera.

Canon EOS C5 a RED Komodo copycat?

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