Welcome filmmakers, let me introduce you to the Yolobox Pro and 8 reasons why this device could help you to get better live streams or even make an easier workflow to output online content.

Brief explanation of the Yolobox Pro, it is an almost all in one streaming device / recorder and monitor built into one device. 

Something that the Yolobox pro competes with is the Atem mini pro, though they are not fully similar, but often people contemplate choosing between the two.

First obvious reason is that the yolobox pro got a built-in monitor, where you can preview the cameras connected and without occupying the hdmi out port. While with the Atem mini pro you would need to buy an external monitor and occupy the hdmi out for the previews. While with the Yolobox Pro you can still easily supply a live hdmi feed to a big screen at an event or presentation, while live streaming.

2nd is internet connection, while both of them do have a network port, the YOLOBOX PRO have a built in wifi and can make use of a 4g simcard for 4g internet, so you can livestream anywhere. But with the Atem mini Pro, you definitely need to make use of external devices to connect to the internet, like with a laptop to wifi or a mobile phone to use your mobile data. But having it build into the device also means less additional device to bring or worry about.

3rd is power supply. With the Yolobox Pro you have a 10.000mah battery built in and can power it via usb C and extend the time using a powerbank. Atem mini pro can be powered via DC adapter or buy a special adapter powered with special batteries or power bank. But having it build it also means you are able to hot swap a powerbank, while with the Atem mini you have to stop streaming.

4th is connecting to streaming platforms. With Yolobox Pro there is a login process to every platform, but you can also directly stream to multiple platforms at once. With Atem Mini it is a bit more of a hassle as you need to connect a laptop to alter a XML file to add some specific codes and its a very non user friendly method, but an extra device is needed to set up ahead of time.

5th is the Price. You might have noticed a theme here, that you need to buy a lot of extra things and connect a lot of extra things to get the Atem Mini Pro to make it work properly. Even though the Atem Mini Pro is cheaper than the Yolobox Pro, you still might need to buy all kinds of things to make it work the same as the Yolobox Pro and likely need to spend more money to get the same features.

6th Yolobox got built in lower thirds and you can set up gifs, video and pdf presentations, these features definitely lacks on the Atem mini pro and would require a laptop to do these.

7th is the company is very active on social media, it is very easy to get in contact with a person if you have issues, but also if you have ideas for improving the Yolobox series. On their website you can see a lot of features listed and when they will release it, a lot of users’ feedback are listened to and they do a lot on improving the product.

8th is Less things to bring to do the same job. With the Yolobox Pro I can just bring the Yolobox and a few cameras and tripod and I can set up a livestream very fast. But with Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro, I would need to bring so much stuff and also need a big table to set up a whole workstation for the livestream. But with Yolobox Pro, with so much built in its just less equipment you have to worry about that could fail or even forget to bring.

Hope these 8 reasons were enough to convince you to choose the Yolobox Pro over the Atem Mini Pro.

8 reasons to get the Yolobox Pro instead of Atem Mini Pro

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