This is my budget 1st AC / Focus Puller focus station, I have used this on several project and had slowly build up to this design. The design itself is inspired by the Camjam Arri WCU4 monitor bracket, as I don’t have to reinvent a good design that is used by professionals. As I already tried the Camjam on a shoot, but I could not justify the price for the product and looked if I could build something similar with just SmallRig parts and also to keep most of the branding the same as my SmallRig MagicFIZ follow focus.

I do have to say that my Focus station is just a budget focus station, even though it costed around 2000 plus euros for everything, with in the realm of actual professional focus pullers focus station this is a very budget one as professional ones can go for 10 or 100 time this price. As there are Follow Focus Remotes like the Teradek RT that already cost more than my whole setup combined. While looking at Arri Hi5 , Cmotion, Preston and other brand they can cost a lot more.

Though it is a budget version, for my use for low budget projects it is doing it’s job, but also is a nice back up system to keep around on set, as you can’t always be sure the DP would rent a nice full setup for you to use. Most of the part of the focus station can also be altered to fit other monitors and focus remotes, to I at least have a nice base to work with to setup a proper focus station.

Part that I have used to build my Focus Station.

Focus station parts MagicFIZ –
Feelworld lut7s pro –
Smallrig Cage –
15mm clamp on cage –
Grip from this kit –
15mm rod nato rail clamp –
Lightstand adapter –
Accsoon Cineeyes 2s Pro –
NPF V-mount adapter –
99w V-mount Battery –
Neckstrap –
Optional stand –

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Focus Puller Focus Station with SmallRig Parts

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