7artisans 12mm t2.9

This is a cine lens from 7 artisans, a 12mm with t stop of 2.9 it covers apsc size sensor and comes in various mirrorless mounts. Though this lens covers APSC, I mostly tested this lens on my M4/3 cameras.

7artisans 12mm t2.9

I’m gonna be brutally honest,this lens was sent to me, while I told them I would rather review their other lenses, as this is not the fastest 12mm cine lens out there and I already own a Meike 12mm t2.2.

7artisans 12mm t2.9

Another con is the focus ring does have a bit of friction and certain remote follow focus struggle working with this lens. There also some focus breathing for normal focussing; it isn’t really visible, but only if you focus from macro to infinity.

7artisans 12mm t2.9

Image quality wide open on a m4/3 is still nice, but not the sharpest wide angle out there. There is a slight color fringe but it is not too disturbing.

7artisans 12mm t2.9

It being T2.9 and so wide you don’t really get much shallow DOF when filming people unless you get crazy close up. This lens also is just quite slow and you really need to push the iso values when you are gonna film at night.

Now some positives. It got a very close focus distance to capture very macro-like images. Lens flares are very well controlled, very hard to really even to get to flare up a lot.

7artisans 12mm t2.9

If you want a single set of matching 7 artisans cine lenses to buy as its wide angle lens option. But I would like to see 7 artisans bring out a brighter 12mm lens more like a T2, which would be much nicer as the rest of the range are much faster lenses.

7artisans 12mm t2.9 mft mount

Another drawback I encounter is the rear design of 7 artisant MFT mounts are slightly different than others and does not allot it to be used with adapters, while MFT lenses from other brands do work.

Another option you can look at is the Meike 12mm t2.2 which is faster, but the rear design does allow me to adapt from MFT to sony E mount. 77mm filter thread which means filters you need to get are less expensive compared to 82mm.

7Artisans 12mm T2.9 Cine Lens review

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