This video I am showing you my budget camera cart for the beginner filmmakers and camera assistants on a budget.

Olympia tools foldable camera cart 85-188 Pack-N-Roll

A Camera cart is a must have item for any filmmaker especially when you need to bring so many bags to a locations. Instead of having to walk multiple time to carry all the equipement from your car to the location. It is just much easier to have it all on a cart and just only need to walk once.

Olympia tools foldable camera cart 85-188 Pack-N-Roll

Also on set it is a great to have all your gear in once spot, instead of having multiple bags all around the place, it makes everything clear and also easier to keep an eye on all your own equipement. And also make it easier to move your camera cart around the place faster.

Olympia tools foldable camera cart 85-188 Pack-N-Roll

The Olympia cart best feature is that you can quickly collapse it and set it up, as it is small enough to fit into most cars without needing a lot of space. But the time to set it up is much quicker that Rock-N-Roller, Adicam or Magliners which often need quite some time to build up or require you to transport already set up in a large van to transport it to the location.

Also this cart is quite lightweight so if you need to move it up a staircase it is much easier to go than more other carts.

Olympia Tool Cart 85-188 Pack-N-Roll –
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Olympia Tools Budget Camera Cart

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