Previous video already sneaked in the lens housing, but this article am explaining why I made this cine lens housing for my TTartisan 35mm f1.4 lens.

The TTartisan 35mm f1.4 is a really great small tiny lens that can capture amazing looking images. But they made very odd choices in its design, making it more difficult to use for filmmakers. Especially when you need to add focus gear rings to use with a follow focus.

As the angled side just would make it impossible to mount a focus gear ring, so I would need to design a DIY lens housing which would fix this issue. But I have a background in product design and I already have a lot of experience in CAD programs and it would be quite easy for me to design it.

Very important is to measure the lens with a calliper and make sure its correct. As being too small or too big can cause a problem. Actually making it slightly bigger isn’t as much of an issue than being too small. Very important is that 3D prints has a shrinkrate and you have to make the parts 0.2mm larger to make sure it still fits.

3D printing without a 3D printer
The housing is 3D printed with me owning a 3d Printer, as I don’t feel like I print enough to own one. And I found that ordering 3D prints via Craftcloud3D you can get quite affordable 3D prints for reasonable prices.

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Purchase STL file here –

It took 1-2 weeks for the 3d print to arrive, but its worth the wait for these kinds of prints and being so affordable. I was quite pleased with the final result as it fits like a glove. And made my affordable tiny lens into a Cine Lens I need.

TTartisan 35mm f1.4 –
Step up ring –
O.D Ring –
M43 to E mount adapter –
Tilta seamless focus ring –

Filmed with: Sony A7C –
Samyang 35mm T1.5 –
Rode Videomic Go II –
Yc Onion Tripod –
Zhiyun Molus G200 –
Nanlite Pavotube 6c –

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I made my First Lens Housing!

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