3 Legs Lock Base for DIY videopod review

Filming events a videopod is quite recommended as you can quickly move from one spot to the other and quickly adjust the height to get the correct framing. And because of the 3 legs on the base its able to get a more steadier shot than using a normal monopod. And compared to a shoulder rig you get less tired faster as the weight is all on the videopod itself, however due know they are not as stable as a tripod and you would need to keep holding the monopod as it still might able to tip over and mostly need to just slightly hold it in place, but its less tiresome compared to a shoulder rig.


And using the 3 Leg Lock base you can build your own  videopod for an more affordable price. All you need is to use an affordable monopod that has a last section of smaller than 21mm so it would fits the 3 Legs Lock Base. In the image above you see an original Manfrotto videopod on top which is the Manfrotto 560B-1, but it cost 139euro which is quite expensive for a monopod. But the DIY version I made only costed me 50euro by buying the base from eBay, but buying the rest second hand for a very cheap price. To find the same parts to build your own check the links in the parts list below to find the parts on eBay.

Parts list:


Additional information when you get the 3 legs lock base its often quite loose and topple over quite fast, there are actually three screws on top of the bottom part which controls the friction on the balljoint on the bottom and by tightening them you also add more friction. Just tighten them to get a even more stable footing.

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