LED Kino Light

Parts list:
$9 – 50cm LED tube light
$11.50 – 1m 18w LED strip
$1 – Female DC plug
$1 – Female DC plug (need soldering)
$24 – Sony NP-F970 12v plate (contact seller for Sony NPF version when buying)
$3 – 12v AC DC adaptor
$15 – 12v 4000mah battery
$2,5 – hotshoe adapter

The great thing comparing this LED light to a Kino light is that LED is less fragile than the Kino tube lights which are quite fragile and always need be quite careful with transporting it, but also its much cheaper than the standard Kino bulbs. But the LED light does give the same results and lighting like using a Kino light. And you can see an example using this LED light in the video below.


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  • YoDude

    Hi Chungdha, you have some really great vids on your channel. I was wondering how common are the sony np-f compatible batteries are across cinematography/videography accessories. I’ve just recently purchased a set of 2 Yongnuo yn160s that take the np-f types, led strips to use with the 12v plate and consideting buying a Viltrox 5″ DC-50 that should take a similr battery. What else can you do with these batteries? Are they worth it or should i stick to eneloops?

    • chungdha

      Sony NPF are very standard batteries in the video industry as allot of video monitors, video recorders, LED panels and eve certain cameras uses this battery. But also depending on which camera you got there are couplers that can be bought and adapters to power DSLR cameras with and they have allot more power then just eneloops batteries with the Sony NPF970 that got 6000mah.

      • YoDude

        Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated. That is very reassuring since I can now make sure future gear is compatible with these batteries. Your vids are great dude, FYI I’m also building a monopod just like the one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL9z1WeWXxM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-Yup-iWPNQ videos. I have used light tripods before as a jib just like you use your monopod and thinkg it is a great method. The only thing I think I want to add to the monopod for these shots is a cheap field monitor. Can you suggest any? I like the viltrox 5 inch but heard too many reports of it dying after a little use. Thanks dude, nice work!

      • YoDude

        Sorry ChungDha forgot to ask,

        Do you find the MP-F compatibles anywhere near as good as the originals? I’d like the sonys but i’d have to live in a box to buy some, I wouldn;t like living in a box 😉

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