Panasonic G7 Announced!!!

This is one of the cameras that I have been waiting for as now own two of the previous generation of this camera the Panasonic G6. Today they fully announced it and have been releasing allot of things about this camera over the weekend. Also the new styling is quite interesting as previous was more like a current day normal DSLR like shape but the G7 is closer to a retro SLR shape and looks quite like an Olympus camera. But the most interesting feature of course is that it can film 4k videos and they also released a video example of it, which you can see below.

Interesting improvements
Well first ofcourse be that it can film in 4k and only competing mirrorless camera on the same price class is Samsung NX500. However the Panasonic G7 has allot of better things like 3.5mm Microphone Jack and a flip out display. Other improvement for video is that it finally got Cinelike D and Cinelike V picturestyles that give you a less contrasty image and improve dynamic range over the other picturestyles and enable you to grade better and retain more details in the image. Also theres is a major improvement in low light as in the video can see the noise reduction at night with only flames lighting up the girls, the images looks great and and not mushy and noisy and need to see more test but from the video this might be a great low light camera also.

For sport photographer this might also be a great camera as it can do up to 40fps burst with 16mp for 80frames but also 30fps 8mp for 29min to really capture allot of the action for sports photographers where each mili seconds can determine if you got the the shot and missed it they have also a preburst of 30frames so you wont miss your shot. However the current info does not say if these are RAW or JPG because if its RAW its might be also quite a game changer.

Only few cons that I have of this camera is that is still not a world camera and you either be stuck on NTSC or PAL version. Especially doing slomo being in europe you get 10frames less filming on 50fps instead of able to use 60fps to have more slow mo. And it does not have 120fps or atleast 96fps like it bigger brother the GH4, whole similar price Panasonic FZ1000 do have 120fps.

The other con would be not having a headphone jack while its just a simple cheap part to add which dramatically improve the ability working with the camera as often the speakers are not really that great to listen back to the sound and not able to live monitor the sounds. But probably its only reserved for these features are all reserved for its bigger brother.

Other con is 29min limit which is not that bad for most shoots but certain events like wedding or life shows its might not be that great and need to time to time stop and restart recording. As the limit this time also on the NTSC version and European version. But might need to get theh Asian version as the G6 that I got from Hong Kong has no such time limit on AVCHD and can film till the cards run full.

From the current info this is definitely a great camera for start videographers and I think its even solid competitor with its bigger brother the GH4 as the only thing you be missing is only a headphone jack and 96fps. But if you can live with slomo 50 or 60fps and mainly not using an external monitor its still a quite solid camera to film with and for the price of $799 it have currently very little competition from other. As for 4k recording it will have same quality as the GH4, FZ1000 and LX100 which all can only film in 24,25 and 30p.  And I am for sure getting one to film with as currently specs wise just a good camera and really is best entry 4k camera there is.

For the full specs list and also to purchase this camera follow this link to B&H photo

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