Fix Error -36 copying AVCHD files

So today had an error -36 when trying to copy off an AVCHD video file from my SD card, but one file was kind of corrupted but it actually contained the entire video file as it can be played with M PlayerX. But the MTS file did not open with Premiere Pro so I went through several option and found the fix for this. As I was able to open the MTS file in Quicktime and the great thing about Quicktime is that it can save or export files, so was able to convert and save this MTS into an workable MOV file.

So you might also want to know why you could get a corrupt file when recording in AVCHD, its mostly due to human error if you turn of your camera when you are still recording instead of stopping the recording or the battery runs out and shut down the camera while recording. As the camera will not be able to finish writing the video file and making it corrupt. So how to stop it is to be sure to stop recording before closing the camera or film in MP4 which still finish recording the file and never gives so many issue however it does not record as long as AVCHD can.

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