Modded 16mm f2.8 for Sony A7s full frame

The Sony 16mm f2.8 e-mount lens actually covers more then just the APSC sensor and when modded it can cover most of the full frame sensor, making it a useful lens for the owners of A7 series cameras.

20160427_165414Especially if you are searching for a light ultra wide lens to use with your stabiliser or gimbal that have auto focus so you don’t have worry about focussing. However the closest focus on this lens is 24cm which is quite enough for filming different wide shots and to follow people, however when you want to do close ups you need to remember to keep 24cm from the subject is  quite far away as this is quite a wide angle lens and the shot be never really that close up.


However back to the modding the SEL 16mm f2.8 , as its a lens build for APSC and they have placed a cover on the back of the lens that made it to cover APSC more. But when the cover is removed it does cover the sensor better. To remove the cover there are 3 black screws you only need to unscrew to release the cover and the screws only hold down the cover and not needed to be placed back.

Sequence 01.00_02_11_14.Still003

When the cover is removed, it looks like this. And can see it open up the area around the back element enabling it to be not obstructed and cover more of the camera sensor.Sequence 01.00_03_12_00.Still004

Here below you can see the difference of using the SEL 16mm f2.8 lens with and without the cover on the Sony A7s. As with the cover it has dark black vignetting, however without its much less but also much more usable vignetting.Sequence-01.00_03_23_24.Still006

For a moving shot of the modded 16mm f2.8 on A7s with the Feiyu Tech MG gimbal look at the video below.

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