Youtube 2016 Render Settings Presets #adobe #premierepro #videoediting

If you notice your Youtube uploads are taking allot of time to process and also after it the there is a quality loss. There is a big chance you have been rendering in an old setting or wrong setting. Youtube is processing your video after you video is uploaded and render it into the correct setting and lowering the quality of your video, because the new setting are quite low and need a high compression and if its compressing a compressed video the end result is messy. So you can better upload it into the right format or upload it in a lossless quality.

However I prefer exporting it in the correct settings directly as you can still add render at maximum quality and also the files will be much smaller now and faster too upload. And with less processing time it can be up and online very fast.

To import these preset go to your render panel and next to the preset list you can choose to import the presets to install them.

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