Canon DSLR C-Log vs Technicolor Cinestyle test

The biggest difference that is noticable between the two profiles is that one is brighter and other is darker, the grading way is also much different as for Cinestyle you need to darken the black tones and the mid tones slightly but the highlight is quite flat. While C-Log you need to only slightly darken the black tones and brighten the mid tones, but highlight still retains allot of details. Overall the dynamic range is very close to each other where the highlights gets blown out.

From what I see is that C-Log does it better when the conditions are quite harsh with a bright sky highlight and dark shadows the C-Log does it very well. But there it somehow have some issue with certain green colors where it looses detail in them. However in such harsh condition Cinestyle which flattens highlight too much just make allot of bright ares looks too flat and harder to regain the details without using a seperated grade over the highlighted area.

The only issue with C-Log is that it seem to loose details in the green, where as in the first shot can see in the grass it got less detail also in some of the trees, where the Cinestyle fairs much better with the details in the green.

So the conclusion if the sky and highlight details is important use the C-log, if you are filming a green field Cinestyle fairs much better with that.

You can use this C-Log picturestyle on your Canon EOS DSLR 550D / T2i , 600D / t3i, 700D / t4i, 750D, 760D, 60D, 70D, 80D, 7D, 7D Markii, 6D, 5D mark ii, 5D mark iii, 1DC, 1DX, 1DX mark ii or EOS M cameras.

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  • Issac

    Hi, Thanks for sharing C-Log as I was looking for this from a long time.
    I hope we need to install it the same way we did Technicolor cine-style (if not let us know how to do it).
    I heard from “Alex Buono” they use c-log then they color correct so I was looking for it.

  • kalengkalpiko

    what setting are you using its sharp +1 contrast -4 and saturation -1? bcoz i dont see the same flat as you. im using 70d btw

  • Vince

    Thanks. I downloaded the profile. I am shooting with a 5D Mark IV and not sure how well it will work with this newer camera, but worth a shot. The question was have you created a LUT for this profile to use to post process the footage with in order to help restore the colors and contrast to what they looked like originally?

  • Michael Tamburello

    Thanks for the helpful info and download on C-log. I wonder if one would be best off to simply average out the specs of both Cinestyle and C-Log for an overall useful profile for Canon cameras. Thanks again!

  • Elavarasan Devarajan

    Hi Chung Dha Lam,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the C-Log. A great help and support by you.’

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