Proaim Wigo 9″ Slider

To purchase this slider please follow this link Proaim Wigo 9″ Slider.

The Proaim Wigo 9″ Slider is a short slider and its the new trend that is happening, as long slider that are about 60cm and longer are often quite large to bring along, especially filming an event as a one-man band. The Proaim Wigo 9″ Slider is quite the ideal size as its small enough not to get in your way, yet also gives enough movements in your shots.
Sequence 01.00_00_38_11.Still002You can keep it on your tripod especially if you are using a tripod with a ball, like the one I am using the Manfrotto 745XB. However being such a short slider, you do need to have object close in front of your lens to make the sliding movement more visible or have it low to the ground to see the ground moving. For sure I am going to use this setup on some upcoming event and jobs as, I often avoid bringing a slider, but not I have no excuse for not using the Proaim Wigo 9″ Slider.

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