This is an update for the Smooth Transitions Zoom Effects for Adobe Premiere Pro, which only contains the zoom presets. as this is a test version for the new upcoming Seamless transition Pack which will contain more. This improves the images quality as the previous version lowered the resolutions quite a lot, this also got an improvement on the method for applying the effect onto the clips.

Unlock the Preset link by watching the entire video here below on this site!

After the video is finished wait till the page reload and download button / link will appear.
If clicking does not start a download, use right mouse click and choose save link as.

1080p & 4K
This preset is now usable for both 1080p and 4k, but it needs to be 1080p for 1080p sequence or 4k for 4k sequence. If you use a different resolution than you timeline sequence, first nest the clip before applying the effects.

Also now being directly applied to the clip the there is no issue using an adjustment layer for grading. And in the video also explaining methods of altering the motion blur and where to add anchor keyframes to change the area where the zoom goes to.

You can achieve CrossZoom by using the ZoomIN OUT with the ZoomOUT IN presets on the clips to get a Cross Zoom transition.

Please respect my work and do not sell/upload these Adobe Premiere Pro presets files to any other websites. Please give credit or link back, when you are using this preset. Do not post the direct link of the file to any other websites, if you want to share this effect, please share this post / page. I have used a lot of time and effort making these effects, so please respect my rules. Or I have my rights to take legal actions.

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Learn how to import a preset by watching this video below.

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