This is a free preset for Final Cut Pro X to achieve Zoom transitions like a hyper zoom with motion blur, to make your video edits more interesting with these transitions. You can also get a cross zoom effect by using the opposite presets for the start and the end.

If you don’t see the Unlock Download section below, please turn off your AD Blocker, if you are using a mobile device or Firefox use another browser like Chrome or Safari.

Please respect my work and do not sell/upload these Final Cut Pro X files to any other websites. Please give credit or link back, when you are using this preset. Do not post the direct link of the file to any other websites, if you want to share this effect, please share this post / page. I have used a lot of time and effort making these effects, so please respect my rules. Or I have my right to take legal actions.

If you really appreciate these Presets and want to show your support, it would really help us if you can donate any amount by using the Donate button. This way you can help us, so we can keep making more awesome effects presets with video tutorial and all kinds of free content.

To install the preset in Final Cut Pro X

  1. Unzip the file
  2. Open Finder
  3. Go to “GO”
  4. Choose “Go to Folder…”
  5. Type in with replacing (yourusername) with the proper User Name : /Users/ (yourusername) /Library/Application Support/ProApps/Effects Presets
  6. Copy the effect preset files of the zip file (without the folder) to his location
  7. Restart Final Cut Pro X and it will appear in your effects

FAQ: Folder cannot be found
If the folder does not exist yet, go to your FCPX and save a random preset and it will make this folder.

Effect not working
These are heavy effects, it wil need time to render a preview to be able to display it, if you don’t have a good Macbook Pro with a dedicated GPU. To speed up this process you can change your render codec to Prores Proxy.

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Smooth Zoom FCPX Preset

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