Vertigo Dolly Zoom Tutorial

In this video tutorials I am showing you how to achieve a vertigo / dolly zoom / contra zoom effects inside of Adobe Premiere Pro, also explain the best way to film and what to look for when filming a shot for this effect. The main importance is to know that this effect is a dolly zoom, which in old movies would use a dolly to move the camera forwards and backwards, while simultaneously zoom in or out to achieve the dolly zoom effect.

However with todays technology of having higher resolutions of 4k while most still are outputting a 1080p video, we can now do a zoom in the post production and add a digital zoom in the edit by scaling the footage without loosing resolutions or details. This makes it much easier to achieve a vertigo or dolly zoom effect and the main things you need to only concentrate on while filming is having a visible perspective change when moving the camera in a dolly movement. And with today’s tech achieving dolly movements have become much easier with stabilizers, gimbal, slider and even drones, which have become more affordable and compact enough to bring on vacation.

Footage shot with a DJI Mavic Pro:

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