Here is my go on a curved fold of a big bang model of Thoki Yenn, however it is not that smooth as I had wanted. However it could had been caused by the very small size and 80gram paper. Will try to make a bigger version soon and might pick up some important knowledge with this model.


I have figured out some very interesting things and crack the code to the formula to calculate the curved designs. So will be soon making few very interesting packaging designs with curves however also found one design I might patent because it is so special.
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big bang model

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  • Fild

    Your work on paper is definitively impressive. I really interested by the mathematical aspect of origami.
    What do you mean by ,”cracking the code”, are you using a software???
    Would you recommend me some documentation or books to start in this area .
    Thank you

  • Chung Dha Lam

    I mean almost able to make a certain formula to calculate how to build up a design for curved folds. However the formula works partially for only certain curve design still not able to find a perfect calculation yet. Havent found a software yet that really helps and there are not much books about how to fold curves, mostly do allot of self study to learn more.

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