In this video I am teaching you how to make a pop-in text reveal with the new Adobe Premiere Pro text tool. Its a simple effective effect which is quite easy to do. My prefered method is to type the text you want to animate first and also place it and design it in the way you want to to be shown. After that we will animate it by selecting the text source, but also to move the time line to the last text you want to reveal and toggle on by clicking the toggle animation button, it will automatically add a keyframe and this will be the ending keyframe that reveals all the text. Now we go to a words before the last one on the timeline and remove the last word and it will automatically also add a keyframe on the effects control timeline. We repeat this process and you can see each word being removed, once all have been done, when you play the animation you can see that the text is being revealed. This personally is my prefered method of doing a pop-in text as it be easier to have the text placed correctly and in the correct size, as if you would type each word you might not have enough space or have the correct font size and altering it all afterwards often lead to more issues.

Pop-IN Text Reveal in #adobepremiere CC2018 #timelinetuesday #tutorial

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