In this video I am showing you my journey up Tai Mo Shan 大帽山 trying to capture timelapse shots above the clouds in Hong Kong 香港 , but also knowns as the sea of clouds 雲海 which is a natural phenomenon that only happens under specific weather conditions. Its very hard to predict and really you have to be lucky and be at the right place at the right time to capture it. But when you are there its an awesome sight to see and to capture, however I also show you that hiking up a mountain can also be dangerous, but also most of the time you might fail at capturing the shots when its not the perfect condition.

To get to Tai Mo Shan 大帽山 , I suggest to get on the MTR and go to Tsuen Wan West 荃灣西 and get the bus 51 to the Tai Mo Shan Country Park and follow the road up and up and its pretty much just one road you follow to get all the way up the Tai Mo Shan Mountain.

Gear used:
Panasonic G7 –
Panasonic 7-14mm f4 –
Samsung S8 –
Zhiyun Smooth 3 –
Samsung 256gb microSD –
Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod –
Manfrotto Backpack –
Rode Videomicro –

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro –

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Above the clouds in Hong Kong

About The Author
- Awarded Cinematographer , Photographer and Graphic Designer.

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