In this video we are going to look at the different file storage mediums we can use with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, as there are many option available from SDXC, CFast cards and record onto an external SSD via the USB-C port. As each media have a different price point we are going to look at which be more affordable, but also look at what item we could buy to mount the SSD drive onto the BMPCC4k camera body.

The Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB 300MB/s SDXC card is expensive for the amount of storage, but also the cards are not as fast as the CFast cards and SSD drives.

Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB CFast card can write 450MB/s and easily record internal RAW and keep the camera more compact, but the price for this card alone is 339usd which is cheaper than the SDXC.

The most affordable medium is with Samsung Portable SSD T5, which the smallest size it comes in is 250GB for the price of 99usd, while the 1TB version cost only 279usd and still cost less than the CFast card while giving you much more storage space and with read and writing speeds up to 540MB/s.

However the only downside of the Samsung T5 SSD is that it is not an memory you can put inside the camera and is recorded externally, but also there are currently no special mounts build for this SSD. So in this video we are going find a mount that would hold the this SSD giving us an option to mount it on top of the camera.

Phone Clamps used in this video to mount the SSD(Prizes might have change over time)
$4 Phone U-Clip –
$5 Phone Clamp –
$10 Ulanzi –

BMPCC4k file storage and SSD mount options

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