These are in my opinion the 5 best accessories for the Zhiyun Smooth 4 to get more use out of the Zhiyun Smooth 4, but also improve handling and use to make better videos with.

USB cable for Smooth4
With these USB cables you are enabled to recharge your phone while you are using your Zhiyun Smooth 4 as often while filming your phone battery does not last as long as the batteries of the Zhiyun Smooth 4. With this cable you can enjoy filming much longer and less worry about needing to stop filming to recharge your phone.


Nisi Phone Filter holder
Nisi P1 ND8 –
On a phone you can only change the shutter and ISO, on a very few the aperture which still has a limit. While filming in the broad daylight often need to use quite high shutter speeds which causes stuttery video footage because of the lack of motion blur. To enable lowering the shutter speed we need to darken the image so we can expose the frames longer to gain more motion blur, we can achieve this by using an ND filter, just think of it as sunglasses to for on you phone.


Counterweight for Smooth4
Most phone gimbal are designed to be used with most phones, however because we want to add filters or lenses on our phone, it would often be unbalance because of it. To counteract that we can use an counterweight to counteract the weight added by a filter or lens, so we can get the gimbal properly balanced.


Zhiyun Mini Dual Grip
Certain manoeuvres with a single handed gimbal are quite difficult especially orbiting around and object which standing still. To make it much easier we can add a mini dual handle so have better control over the gimbal by using both your hands.


Aputure AL-M9 LED
In low light condition many phones won’t get nice images, so we suggest to get an LED light when you want to film at night especially dark locations.

Filmic Pro App –

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro –

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5 best accessories for Zhiyun Smooth4

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