In this video we recommend two compact light stands for on location shoots for start up photographers or filmmakers. As for any job having proper lighting is important, but also the correct tool for holding the lights up. This video we recommend two compact light stands that we use quite a lot and found them the best suited to move to locations when having a shoot.

Manfrotto Nano Pole Stand –
The first is that Nano Pole Stand which got special features and it being quite small when collapsed 49cm and reach 195cm height when extended. Its a great light stand when you are a single shooter and only need one stand for the job, as its lightweight and also quite small to carry without getting in your way. There is also a version without the extended feet which is the Manfrotto 5001B Nano stand ( ) which cost slightly less, but honestly the extended feet often needed when using any modifiers like and umbrella. Also we found the bag that comes with the Manfrotto Compact action tripod ( )is the perfect fit for this stand and enable us to carry it and not get damages when traveling.

Manfrotto 1051bac –
The 2nd light stand we recommend is the Manfrotto 1051bac, which in size is taller than the Nano being 67cm, but also have a reach of 210cm which is taller. However why we recommend it is because this stand is stackable and interlocks with each other making it easier to carry a stack of them, but also when placed in a case, they don’t shuffle around and get scratch that easily. And the 1051BAC can hold up to 4kg which allows it being use with a much heavier light setup on top.

Gear used to film this episode:
Sony A7rii –
Sony 28mm f2 –
Rode Smartlav –
Manfrotto Befree Live –
Aputure Mini 20D –
Profoto B10 Duo Kit –
Manfrotto 1052BAC –

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro –

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Compact light stands for on location shoots

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