At Broadcast Asia Zhiyun is showing their newest gimbal to their family the Zhiyun Crane M2, even though hidden behind a glass, we were able to get a glimpse of the new gimbal and also attend a presentation held about this new gimbal.

The Crane M2 ofcourse is replacing the well known Crane M which is a great compact gimbal used by many travelers and vlogger with compact cameras like the Canon G7x or Sony RX100 series. This new model will be able to carry on the tradition of these cameras but also slightly more, with maximum tested being Sony A6400 with the 16-70mm f4 lens, but ability to use smartphones and action cams also.

Ofcourse there are plenty of improvements in sight, seeing it having an oled display to see in which mode you are in and return of the simple mode button. Also it now got a rubberized grip for a better hold. Some features that has been told but hard to capture is that there is a special new quick release system where you can quickly swap between different cameras. Also you can now charge your camera or phone on the gimbal while charging the gimbal itself while in use. And there is wifi and bluetooth build in for more control over your gimbal.

Its great to see them finally updating this model as it has always been one of the best travel gimbals to take around, being the shortest model for a long time. The new model also is keeping it small posture as the grip is equally tall as an iPhone X.

The actual big release will be coming soon and hope to do a review of this gimbal, so stay tuned and subscribe to this channel for more.

Zhiyun Crane M2 Coming soon!

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