Screened at ArtforArt event at Stadhuis Den Haag / the Hague City Hall
Screened at Cinemasia Amsterdam Film Festival at Ketelhuis Amsterdam

Jona Lam – Alex Cheung
Lily – Emel Bulut
Chauffeur – Alexandro Barjas bou Dargham
Chirurg – Henk Brugge
Man van Lily – Richard Hees
Zwerver – Peter in’t Hout
Voorbijganger – Jona Lam

Director Joas Burggraaf
2nd Director Koen Beverborg
Script Chung Dha
Director of Photography Chung Dha
Sound design Sara Pinheiro
Music Johan van der Voet
Sound post production & mixing Soundgram Post, Den Haag
Producer Marlies van Amerongen
Productieleider Sabine Heemskerk
Opnameleider Jeffrey Siefers

Locations thanks to
Anna Tomie – Gesprekskamer en operatiekamer
Bink36 – Loods en operatiekamer
Gemeente Den Haag – Buiten lokaties

Extra thanks to
Art for Art
Soundgram Post

This film was filmed withCanon EOS 550D with Magic Lantern, picturestyle superflat with very little to no color correction all colors were done on set with filters on the lights.

Equipment and lights were provided by Chung Dha

This film was made possible by Art for Art en Art273

Category: Portfolio
About The Author
- Awarded Cinematographer , Photographer and Graphic Designer.

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