GR8 Leisure Concept corporate brand video 2012

This is the brand new corporate video for GR8 Leisure Concept, which was unveiled at its 8th Anniversary Party at Dada Bar + Lounge on Aug 8, 2012. It showcases its 9 different brands – Cafe Roma, Dada Bar + Lounge, FINDS, g.e, Knight on Wyndham, Robata Zawazawa, The Luxe Manor, Hotel Soul and Brasserie 101. The first 7 brands are in Hong Kong and the last two are in Suzhou, China.

GR8 Leisure Concept Limited specialises in the investment, development and management of hotels, restaurants and serviced apartments.

At GR8, we are dedicated and committed to offering a truly unique hospitality experience. Every GR8 Leisure Concept project is, and will be, different from the last.

Established in 2004, we are committed to providing new and innovative products to all our customers and guests. Creative in our approach, all our concepts will be designed to indulge our customers and reward them with unique and enchanting experience.

We are passionate about everything we do – all our projects are designed and built to offer a truly unique hospitality experience without compromising on the quality and service expected of a discerning traveler.

GR8 Leisure Concept Limited strives to be the pre-eminent – original, creative & experiential – hospitality developer in Asia.

Videography by Chung Dha

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About The Author
- Awarded Cinematographer , Photographer and Graphic Designer.

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