I’ve watch all the reviews of the Gopro Hero 9 and Promo videos and am not impress with the footage as you can just see when they change from their normal camera to the Gopro footage there is a massive quality drop. Also the 5k on the Hero 9 has less detail than 4k of the Hero 8.

Source: DC Rainmaker https://youtu.be/BHm0L2qnUx0

Not one review impressed me showing how they can seamlessly edit a video footage with their own mirrorless vlog camera. Footage for me looks even worser then most phones out there and with iPhone 12 Pro around the corner, pretty sure most phone electronic stabilisation gonna improve a lot in the coming generations. Yet Gopro still no gone truly Pro with their camera and less professionals would even use it in a movie due to the image quality.

Source: Jack Rich https://youtu.be/XOOfUvLhE5E?t=96

Even the photo quality taken a massive hit with too high contrast loosing proper dynamic range and of the previous Hero 8. You can see her arm become just a single color on the Hero 9, while on the Hero 8 got proper highlight rolloff and especially on her face the difference is very noticeable. The highlight on the hero 9 is super harsh and on the 8 looks more like proper roll off with more proper skin details.

For me the GoPro Hero 9 is a bust and not a camera worth to get with the current image quality. And to be honest GoPro Flat still not really gets you a good dynamic range, while on smart phones with Filmic Pro that have good Log curved profiles get you much more impressive footage to work with.

Jack Rich – https://youtu.be/XOOfUvLhE5E?t=96
MicBergsma – https://youtu.be/ALmeXNE5R7Q
Casey Neistat – https://youtu.be/nk0aCRuU2qw
Hero 9 Promo – https://youtu.be/xYX6b1-9Coo
Hero 8 Promo – https://youtu.be/Mh-x8kbJT5k
Hero 7 Promo – https://youtu.be/G9KDqfpCgws

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I won’t buy GoPro Hero 9

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