First of all this is mainly for me a test to see how well both shooting closer to clean and native ISO would be. But its clearly the BMPCC is clear winner from the two. Above is the graded version of the video of the BMPCC and below is ungraded from BMPCC and Panasonic G6.

The most obvious difference is eventhough in this video the G6 picture style been set too it flattest it still not flat enough, also huge problem that you can spot is that the sky from the Panasonic G6 has banding issues where the sky does not flow nice between each other and that the low light is also causing the video have allot of noise in the sky.

But have to say the G6 could have pushed the ISO value higher to get brighter image and also testing learned need to be on Kelvin 3000 at night instead of 3200 which resulted that the first shot being too yellow which was on 3200k instead of 3000k. Eventough the video is not bad but the banding issue does annoys me that it have such an issue.

Shooting ISO800 BMPCC vs Panasonic G6

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