Right now allot of indie filmmakers who previously owned a Canon are flocking away only few who have save enough to buy a Cine Line camera from Canon is staying. Currently the main reason most are going to other brands is that the technologie and prices of the current Canon Line up is just not up to date. If I would want to buy a 4k camera its cheaper to look at the Panasonic GH4, Samsung NX1 or NX500 which are more in the affordable prices then comparing it to Canon 1Dc or C500. Also their latest releases of EOS-M3 and 750D/760D would had been more in tone if it would atleast have 4k or 1080 50/60p which is quite the standard.

As if we look at the Samsung NX500 vs the Canon 750D, the NX500 is cheaper and it films both 1080 60p and 4k videos and it has more resolutions and for most people would make more sense to buy the Samsung NX500. Also around the corner there are 2 other cameras from competitors coming out that are possibly also 4k entry level cameras, which are rumored to be Sony A7000 and Panasonic G7. Personally even I have left Canon more than a year ago and gotten a Panasonic G6 as I would be able to film in 1080 50p for slomo shots that are sharp and crisp in 1080 instead of having to upscale 720p for it.

Another thing most other camera are offering is great low light capabilities and even though most of the line ups are great at it but the recent entry level Canon the 750D and 760D looking at the shot in the video above can see them showing ISO1600 but you can spot its quite noisy while there are allot of cameras on the market which easily hold up to ISO3200 and some even easily film in ISO6400.

The biggest issue is that Canon is too stuck up with their current line and does not want to compete with itself, which is mainly their downfall. The thing they need to do is to come out with cameras and not care about their current line up and just come out with new innovative cameras that will compete with what is on the market.

The easiest route is coming out with similar entry level 4k cameras that is competing with the new line ups from Samsung, Sony and Panasonic. However this kind beats up allot of their current cameras which might be harder to do for them. Or they need to come out with a 4k 5D mark4 as soon as possible so they can add 4k to their lower end. As years back they were the ones saying 4k will be the futures yet also seem that Canon is slowest to implement this in their entire camera range. But for a gradual change Canon could go for 2.5k output instead which is not as much a 4k but atleast give enough extra pixels to output a much sharper 1080p vide then the current 1080p that comes out of a Canon camera which looks more like an upscaled 720p.

The other thing is to fully work with the Magic lantern team which have hacked their cameras and added tons of great features, allot of them been out for year and still is not standard build into the cameras. While my Panasonic G6 got most of them already build in. But the major feature, is to make RAW video a standard in their camera, as its possible to do with their current cameras and other Camera manufacturers are now talking to Magic Lantern hackers to help them build a better camera and listens to the users who want certain features. If RAW video would become a standard Canon would then easily grab a different market and instead of competing with Sony, Samsung, Nikon, Panasonic and more with the video functions, they only be competing with Blackmagic which is only company who has affordable RAW cameras. And RAW grab allot of filmmakers more than just having more resolutions as its has more dynamic range. Eventhough Canon though to be smart giving HDR video as an option but allot filmmakers rather grade the shots them selves and its easier to do with RAW.

From the current rumors its seem it be likely end of 2015 would finally see some improvements in the Canon line up as 5D mrk4 is rumored and also rumoring a competitor camera against the GH4. The only reason I still hope that Canon would get their act together, because I have allot of Canon lenses and use them since my first DSLR the 1000D and upgraded over the gears using 500d and 550D and renting 5D and c100 for allot of jobs. But feeling like its quite te sinking ship and rather pick up a camera from another brand that got better features and specs to do the job easier with.

What should Canon do to please filmmakers in 2015?

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