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The prices for the filters will be €15 for Cokin P version and €20 for the 4×4 Matte box version and shipping is included inside these prices. To purchase the Cinebokeh filters please visit our webshop here.

IMG_6705 (Duplicate)The Cinebokeh filter is a simple plastic filter to change your videos to have the cinematic Anamorphic look without having to spend a fortune. We have made it possible to use this filter in combination with Cokin P holder or 4×4 matte boxes so its easily adaptable to any sized lenses, however this filter does not work with wide angle lenses and more aimed towards fast standard lenses like a 50mm f1.8 or any tele lenses with a wide aperture. The main thing it does is stretching the blur making it to have the same effect as using an Anamorphic lens but without the hassle and much lower price tag. However these are fabricated from plastic which be durable and

Sequence 01.Still001The set includes 3 filters with 3 different sized oval openings and not the holder. These sizes mainly enable to use it on a large variety of lenses, but also let you choose between how much light you want to get into the lens. As using these filters depending on the size and lens, you can loose 1-2 stops of lights. The image on the left is with the Cinebokeh with Canon 50mm f1.8 set on f1.8, whilst on the right you have the same lens but without the filter on f2.8 which is an almost similar brightness.

Sequence 01.Still002

The main reason its made to fit on Cokin P and 4×4 is that you can mount these filters on a rail system via a matte box and do not have to keep unscrewing it off lenses. This way you can easily keep the Cinebokeh filter on the camera rig whole changing lenses.

To learn how to mount Cokin P holder on a matte box and for the parts list please visit this link. Also you can find affordable filter holder on Ebay for both the Cokin P and Cokin Z to hold these filters.



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