Get official Sony NPF-970 Batteries for only $21 – SONY NPF-970 battery while normally they cost $200. These batteries I do think they are real as I ordered them several time and they all look identical and not just some 3rd party knock off and they also work just fine. What I think they are actually from the Sony factory but they are being sold as there are just normal working batteries. But they might have some scratched or dents cause during the manufacturing and just taken out of the manufacturing line as they just don’t fit the their high standards and instead of being disposed they are being sold for low prices on Ebay. As you can see in the image above there are some scratches on the battery and normally would not be sold like these in the Shops as they would reather have a high quality product on the market.

And previous battery I have gotten from the same seller had the Official Packaging around it and also were batteries that were made for either distributed to France or Canada and had the newer labels and design on of the batteries and could not find anything wrong nor that this is some knock off version but made extreme well. As putting them next to real batteries you can’t even see any difference nor able to spot any faults.


So if you dont mind to pay less money for official batteries which been taken out of the production line because it got scratched or even because the packaging got dented, yet the battery on it self just works perfectly fine, you can buy them on Ebay here: $21 – SONY NPF-970 battery




Sony NPF-970 Battery for $21!

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