How to get Twitch working in Adobe Premiere Pro on the Mac

Twitch is a plugin made by Videocopilot which is an very interesting effect for transition use but also just to give your footage a little funk. As its also give you the kind of chromatic aberration look while RGB color layer somehow get out of sync ad the camera being bumped into. Here above is a video with the twitch effect in use.

The effect is quite nice and especially combination for clubbing video or videos using Dub step music its quite an interesting effect to apply to. However the Video Copilot Twitch effect was originally made for Adobe After Effect and it only installs to After Effects, but there is a very easy method to copy the plugin from After Effects to make it work in Premiere once you already have it installed for After Effects.

Follow these steps to install Twitch onto Adobe Premier Pro

  1. First buy the Video Copilot Twitch which only cost $45 and install it.
  2. After installing go to /applications/Adobe After Effects/Plug-ins/Twitch/
  3. Copy the Twitch Plug-in folder to /OS/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/ …(version of your Adobe Suite) /Mediacore/
  4. When you open Premiere the Twitch effect can be found under /Effects/Video Effects/Video Copilot/Twitch

Another thing is that the menu might be quite different then the After Effects one how ever it should be that hard to figure out which settings to use by playing around with it.  But to make it easy here are few pointers.

When you drag and drop the effect you won’t see anything added as you need to go to Effect Control and open the Enable Tab to choose between different effects you want to add. The main Twitch effect is slide which you should enable the rest can be kept unchecked. To give you more  setting option go to “Operator Control” which you can set allot of things. And to get the Chromatic Aberration effect just add a some value to the “Slide Split RGB”. But this also begs to wonder what other Effects Plug-ins from After Effects can also be used on Premiere Pro.

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