This image was a test image is I was able to make it look a car drift as realistically in photoshop while the photo of the car was taken, just stand still. The photo was taken with a Canon EOS 550D with 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 and using Yongnuo YN560iii flash and Godox 60cm Softbox. The original photo is here below un edited.IMG_9144o

For these kinds of photography do recommend to have scouted the locations beforehand as you want to be able to take the shot without having other cars  being in the way. Also because you are parking the car basically on a not parking area, you want to do this fast and quick without people calling the cops on you. So this was shot fairly fast setting up only two lights to brighten the car and driver. The camera placed on a Manfrotto compact action tripod and shot with an remote for long exposures of 1 second so I could keep the ISO low at ISO400 and enable to work on the background without getting allot of noise.


The photo been processed through photoshop, but I really like doing these, as you make an imagination of a photo become reality. As this was fairly low budget setup to make photograph worthy of almost being a car advert.

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Late night drifting

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