Special Thanks to Germaïn W. Domacassé for posing with his awesome motorcycle, the Suzuki GSX-R Million limited Edition. We held this photoshoot in Rotterdam at the bridge called the Groene verbinding, which is a high tech looking bridge. However due to that its a bicycle bridge, the road is coloured orange, which in certain photographs I photoshopped it to be black as asfalt. Also few of the photos were photoshopped so that you can see the speed and motion of the motorcycle moving, while in reality its just standing still.

Photography by Chung Dha with Canon EOS 550D + Canon 24-105mm f4
Yongnuo YN560iii speedlite and YN560TX transmitter, Godox 60cm Softbox for key lighting and Flash bender for rim lighting.

For booking please email contact@chungdha.com
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Suzuki GSX-R Million Edition Photoshoot

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