Should you buy a Velbon Tripod?

If you are about to order a brand new cheap Velbon tripod, you might want to check this first as the new cheap tripods are not that strong and are not recommended. However there are cheap vintage tripods you can find from Velbon like the Velbon models: VE-3, VEB-3, VEF-3,  VGB-3, VS-3, AE-3, AEF-3, DS-3B, VX-512, PX-781 and plenty more as these are all aluminium or metal tripods that are sturdy and strong. And because they are so old allot of people selling them 2nd hand for dirt cheap prices as I got mine for only €5,- and its a good tripod for a B cam as this tripod even strong enough to hold a heavy Jib. As those new cheap ones area very light, but also from cheap plastic which is not a good thing, as they can’t handle too much weight and also when its windy they aren’t stable and it if falls over it explodes into million pieces of plastic.

So if you want to find 2nd hand affordable Vintage Velbon tripods, follow these links to find them on Ebay: Velbon VE-3 tripod, Velbon VS-3 tripod, Velbon VEF-3 tripod,Velbon VGB-3 tripod

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