How to fake a drone shot

Drones are expensive and also often flying over crowded areas it is prohibited and dangerous, so here is a safe and affordable way to get a shot that looks similar to a drone flying overhead of a crowd. In this video I am going to show you how I achieve my drone like shots which are in reality a boom shot, as I am just booming an action cam up high. However you need to have a well balanced setup, your hands is closest to the center of gravity on the bottom and best to achieve that is with a lightstand and a very lightweight camera like an actioncam. With your hands closer to the center of gravity it becomes more stable and enable to get quite stable shots and adding je a bit of warp stabilizer on them will make them perfectly stable.  My setup is about 80euro with SJCAM SJ4000 bought for 30euro and the Calumet mini lightstand for 40euro and 11bucks for the micro SD card. However any lightstand or action cam will do. First time I used this setup and technique was filming this event video.

Category: Videography
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