So this is the progress we have put it fully together there are few screws that are not really included like screws to really put the Controller onto the gimbal and the gyro sensor but was not that hard to McGuyver few simple fixed for those. Also only things you need to solder is the power supply plug and the motors which was not that hard to do but it is bit extra expenses if you don’t already own soldering equipments.

Also wired through the button and it actually made a snug fit for the Lipo battery under the handle bar and don’t need to add a strap for that to hold it in place.

The only thing still need to do is to program the PID settings on the controller and 3 axis seem to be much harder to do than just 2axis. Also current controller board is an Alexmos 8bit which its not really that great as the BGC controller programs only has the new Auto PID on the 32bit version and not in de 8bit version. It would been nice if it had auto PID instead but now need to just manually play around with the settings to find the right one. Hopefully get it running well in a few days.

Parts list:
$50 – Top Handle section Gimbal
$180 – 3axis gimbal max 1kg with motor and controller

WIP brushless gimbal part2

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