In Adobe Premiere Pro CC2018 there are new transitions called immersive video transitions, which are added for VR360 videos, however you can also apply them to normal videos to get a different kind of transitions. Also these transitions are easy to apply, as you just drag and drop them between two clips, however its too bad you can’t ramp the animations but only make it slower or faster by dragging the ends. Also these transitions are quite heavy even with my faster computer my 5k Imac, I do struggle playing them in real time in full and only can play them at 1/4 preview.

Immersive Video Transitions list:
VR Chroma Leaks
VR Gradient Wipe
VR Iris Wipe
VR Light leaks
VR Light Rays
VR Mobius Zoom
VR Random Blocks
VR Spherical Blur

Also all these transitions you actually have quite a lot of parameters you can alter inside of the effects control to change them, some of then this is really needed as several of them aren’t really all that interesting in the default settings. For example the VR Light Rays actually quite a odd transition, yet altering it can change it into a fire like transition instead.

So check out the new immersive video transitions and play around with them and they could be a great addition to add to your new videos, giving you even more and special kinds of transitions to show in your new videos.

Immersive Video Transitions

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