In this quick 5min Tutorial I am teaching you how to achieve a Light Streak Filter Effect inside of Adobe Premiere Pro. This effect is very useful for Dream Sequences, Flash Backs or even adapt it to become Anamorphic Light Streaks. Benefit of doing this effect is post instead of using an Streak filter or just a finishing wire in front of your lens while filming, is that this can be removed and also can be altered in many ways including the color, angle, size and strength of the streaks.

To build this effect inside of Adobe Premiere Pro you need to the following effects:

  • Luma Key
  • Directional Blur
  • Lumetri Color
  • Tint
  • Opacity

Luma Key
What Luma Key does is that it keys away areas of your footage that is in a range of a certain brightness. We are using this effect to isolate the bright areas in the footage so that any bright areas or lights will generate a streak.

Directional Blur
With the Directional Blur we are going to make the Luma Keyed bright areas to become long streak lines, but also with the Directional Blur we can adjust the angle we want the streaks to be.

Lumetri Color
With the Lumetri Color we are going to brighten the streaks by adjusting the whites in the basic control to 150%.

With Tint we can change color of the streaks to be any color your like or make them blue like Anamorphic Light streaks.

Make sure to change the blend mode from normal to screen so it would blend more correctly like a light source.

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Light streak filter effect 5 min Premiere Pro Tutorial

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