Buying BMPCC in early 2015

I actually owned the Blackmagic Cinema Pocket for a few weeks to play with it and sold it because I felt if I would had to work with this camera I would need to have a proper computer first to edit with. So I sold it and referred back to using my Panasonic G6 which is not that bad of a camera, just only is not as flat nor that gradable as the BMPCC, however it can find in ISO3200 and it has a 3 hour battery life and its a larger sensor and got a flip out screen and quick buttons for allot of the settings.1392696_10205309995659976_8052745395322928531_n

However on there are some cool new stuff out like the Fotodiox Pro B4 Magic Adapter for BMPCC, which is an adapter with correction glass in the adapter to make the B4 Broadcast lenses to cover the entire BMPCC sensor even if they don’t have a 2x teleconverter build in.

But have to say from filming with it, it does produce amazing images as you can see it below.

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